Maugersbury Manor

Maugersbury was originally known as Malgeresberie.  Maugersbury Manor was controlled by Evesham Abbey from 708AD until its dissolution in 1537.   At the time, Stow was a small settlement within the lands of Maugersbury Manor and intended by the Abbots to be a centre for trade.  This would  leave Maugersbury to its agriculture.


After the dissolution of the monasteries, Maugersbury Manor was granted to John T Seymour, Lord Seymour of Sudeley in 1547, and subsequently to John, Earl of Warwick who was licensed in 1549 to sell the estate to George Willoughby, of Netherton (Worcs).


Willoughby died in 1550 and was suceeded by his infant son Henry.  In 1580 Thomas Willoughby sold the Manor to Sir Rowland Hill and Thomas Leigh.  In 1598 Rowland Leigh, Thomas’s eldest son, sold the freehold to James White a London silk weaver.


In 1603 White sold the Manor to Edmund Chamberlayne and the Chamberlayne family retained the Manor until the end of the 19th century.  The Chamberlayne family is descended from John, Count de Tankerville, of Tankerville Castle in Normandy, who came with William the Conqueror to England, but returned to Normany, leaving John de Tankerville, a younger son of the former earl behind.

John was Lord Chamberlain to King Henry 1, and his son Richard was Lord Chamberlain to Stephen. Hence the assumed name Chamberlayne.  The Maugersbury Chamberlaynes are descended from Sir Thomas Chamberlayne of Prestbury, Gloucestershire, and his second wife Elizabeth.


The Lord of Maugersbury Manor, Joseph Chamberlayne, sold Maugersbury Manor in 1898 (Sale Particulars - below) to fund the building of Hyde House (now the Fosse Manor Hotel). Joseph Chamberlayne and his wife Henrietta Catherine saw Hyde House as the perfect place to improve their passion for entertaining.  It was completed in 1901.


Maugersbury Manor was sold to John Hewitt and passed to his daughter Mrs Thomas Stubb-Hewitt in the 1920s.  In the 1930s the estate was begun to be split up.


A more comprehensive history of Maugersbury Manor, written in 1969 by L C Dowdeswell, is included as an attachment below.

Legal dispute over ownership of Maugersbury Manor in 1618

Around 1618, the Sandford family who owned properties in Stow on the Wold, challenged the title to Maugersbury Manor and this was disputed by the Chamberlayne family.  Details of this are included in a PDF document which can be viewed here.

We received details of this dispute from a visitor to this website, namely John Curran of New South Wales, Australia, to whom we are most grateful.

Sale particulars and estate plans

In recent years ownership of Maugersbury Manor Estate has changed following sales in 1898, 1946, 1947 and 1955.

The Sale Particulars and Estate Plans are included below:

Maugersbury Manor garden circa 1895